Hwa Yuan

Opening a restaurant in a Vault! New York Sichuan first men recreate the landmark after 50 years!


One of the four major cuisines in China.It pays attention to the taste color, smell, taste, shape,Having advantages from both north and south.It has always been “seven flavor”(Sweet, sour, hemp, spicy, bitter, fragrant, salty)”Eight tastes,” said.(Dry, sour, spicy, fish-flavored, dry braise, smell, pepper, oil)Story of New York SichuanIn the past two years, Sichuan’s prosperity overseas is obvious to all. Sichuan restaurants opened one after another. Its popularity is undoubted, but the restaurants which can real call “Sichuan cuisine” are not many.

Do you know? The story of Sichuan cuisine in New York started in 1963. This year, a master Sichuan master who had fled to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek came to New York with his whole family and took the cuisine to New York City as the “first person in New York Sichuan.” Today, the son of the Sichuan master, once again to flourish Sichuan culture and Chinese culture in Sichuan, he opened a full four-story restaurant in Chinatown. This restaurant full of mission and story is called “Hwa Yuan”.

“Hwa Yuan”
This building in Chinatown used to be the site of the Bank of China. Now transformed became the new landmark of Tang meal. HwaYuan decoration is very elegant, every lamp, every brick is the boss personally returned to China eight times, only to complete the purchase of decoration.
Each floor has its own characteristics. There is a bar on the ground floor. Combined with Western-style features, guests are not bored while waiting for seats.
The second floor is divided into three regions, each region has its own independence and privacy. The door of mahogany seems to tell the story of ancient China.
My favorite part of “Hwa Yuan” is the basement. I highly recommended you to visit this layer, it is so distinctive! The ground floor is full of royal features, the yellow door with doornails and Chinese doorknocker, quite the Forbidden City feeling.

“look”, to a small Secret. Why is it so magnificent here? Because it used to be Bank of China’s “vault” and The vault remains on the wall now.

“Hwa Yuan” pursuit the ultimate spirit of perfection can be reflected everywhere in the place.

The ultimate Sichuan cuisine

“Hwa Yuan” is determined to create a Michelin-level Chinese food, so the material, taste, and plating are very elegant. It is the ultimate flavor and fragrance experience.
Dry fried Foie Gras
“Dry fried Foie Gras” is a very eye-catching dish. In fact, in French meal, 90% of the timber is taken duck liver. The common practice of duck liver is divided into two types of cold and dry fried. Dry fried with pesto sauce and pear along with the entrance, the taste of fat but not greasy, very fresh and plump.
 Crispy Beef Slices
“Crispy beef slices” is completely different from a general restaurant taste. This dish really deserves to be “fragrant” and “crisp” word, there is no sense of flour. Each bite is beef, crisp and dry, fragrant and not greasy. Coupled with a touch of spicy, so that the taste of beef exudes the most vividly. You will not stop eating the second bite after you try the first bite.
Cold Sesame Noodles
Different from other cold noodles which emphasizes spicy feeling. This cold noodles in the sesame paste. The entrance to the aroma of sesame sauce filled the entire mouth with al dente noodles. It amazes people that a how bowl of noodles can be done so extreme?
Kung Pao Chicken
This is the most authentic Kung Pao chicken, no carrots, no green beans. The smoothest part of the chicken coupled with garlic, onion, peppers and peanuts. The simpler of material, the richer complexity of the dish. A touch of spicy flavor in it can hung out the original flavor of ingredients more.
Fish Fragrant Eggplant’ Recipe
Eggplant fried right just to retain the original purple eggplant accompanied by the red spicy oil, just the appearance will make people covet. Not just emphasize spicy, this dish has very rich taste level. You can feel different taste after the entrance such as hemp, spicy, fragrant, fresh.
Mapo tofu
Hemp flavor is more obvious than spicy in this dish. The tender tofu mousse melts in mouth, the rich taste of its absorption diffuse in the mouth. Taste really good!
Sweet and sour fish
Fish fried just right, fish meat is very smooth with sweet and sour sauce. Sweet and sour sauce with fruits and small tomatoes make taste sublimation.
Ginger Scallion Lobster
Due to the ultimate demand for dishes, each lobster has a full three pounds. Then stir fried with ginger. Large pieces of lobster meat not only have firm texture but also large enough to taste excellent!
Nearly demanding requirements
According to the owner for opening a restaurant. Decoration, advertising and public relations can cheat people but the taste of food always tell the truth. Therefore, the owner of “Hwa Yuan” in charge the kitchen personally. I witnessed the boss expelled a master chef who took a shift during my interview. Ten chefs in the kitchen have been very strict screening, the dishes have harsh requirement. It is such a “craftsmanship” which can really present a good dish.
In fact, I am also very curious, why it chooses in downtown to open such a four floors Chinese restaurant? Why is the cost so high?
The boss said because they do not want Chinese to forget about their Chinese culture. He told me that in fact the most patriotic people are overseas Chinese. Because we wander outside and not at home, so we miss our home more. For this reason, the boss opened a restaurant like this. I hope every Chinese not to forget, how profound is our culture and how worthy of our pride is.
Hwa Yuan (华园)
Address: 42 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002 
Website: hwayuannyc.com
Reservation: resy.com
Phone: (212) 966-6002