KDNY Systems

Hospitality Solutions

We specialize in providing for all of your business's needs. We support and install point-of-sale systems, security monitoring hardware, and credit card terminals.

Trending Technology

We offer our point-of sale software as traditional terminals, or tablets. With our system paired with tablets even the smallest restaurants can enjoy a quick flow of service.

Quality of Service

Our produts are hard-working, and we understand the demands of day to day use. Not only that, our experienced experts will help you decide the optimal configuration for you.

Support FAQs

How do I backup my reports and menus?

Go to Back Office and click on “Backup Database”. Select the folder where the data will be stored and then click “Backup”.

Can Aldelo run a cost report for individual food items

Yes, go to "Reports">"Other">"Menu Item Recipe Cost & Profit".

Can I see which one of my employees are still clocked in?

Yes, click "Operations" at the home screen, then "Other Tools" and "Emp. Still Working".

Downloads and Online Resources

Aldelo User's Manual

Click here to see the full user's manual in PDF format.

Aldelo EDC Manual

Click here to see the EDC user's manual in PDF format.

Aldelo User's Forum

Click here to visit Aldelo's official forum

Video Tutorials