KDNY Systems

Hospitality Solutions

We specialize in providing for all of your business's needs. We support and install point-of-sale systems, security monitoring hardware, and credit card terminals.

Trending Technology

We offer our point-of sale software as traditional terminals, or tablets. With our system paired with tablets even the smallest restaurants can enjoy a quick flow of service.

Quality of Service

Our produts are hard-working, and we understand the demands of day to day use. Not only that, our experienced experts will help you decide the optimal configuration for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to know about my Aldelo software license?

The Aldelo product license terms are thoroughly detailed in this article published by Aldelo. You will need a license for each computer running the software.

Can I see what Aldelo looks like?

Click here to see a video demo on our support page. Also, you can contact us to arrange a live demo.

Using Aldelo

What does the software look like?

You can click here for a video demonstration, or contact us to arragne a live demonstration

How do I backup my reports and menus?

Go to "Back Office" and click on "Backup Database". Select the folder where the data will be stored and then click "Backup".

Can Aldelo run a cost report for individual food items

Yes, go to "Reports">"Other">"Menu Item Recipe Cost & Profit".

Can I see which one of my employees are still clocked in?

Click Operations” at the home screen, then "Other Tools" and "Emp. Still Working".

Merchant Services

What is "Merchant Services"?

"Merchant Services" refers to how you process your credit card transactions. This includes stand-alone swipe terminals, or a service integrated into your POS system. For Aldelo, that is refered to as EDC.

How do I find out how much I am paying to process credit cards?

On your monthly statement you simply divide the total fees by the total sales (fee / sales = rate)

What is are your rates like?

Everyones business will have varying rates from month to month due to the various types of cards, and thier respective fee's. Our credit card rates on average range from 2.8 - 2.9 If you need help determining your rate feel free to contact us.